SMART Safety Group Customer Testimonials

“What an eye opener for our company–thinking we are in compliance, and then getting the facts from a company who deals with OSHA on a constant basis–so much to learn with the new regulations coming from this new presidency.”

– Ronald J. Gomez, Risk Manager / Safety Engineer, A.M. Ortega General Contracting

“Vince is an excellent speaker, easy to understand and well prepared. His knowledge of the Safety Field is obvious in his testimonials. I look forward to other seminars in the future. I was able to walk away from his seminar yesterday with new ideas and information. Thank you for the invite.”

– Rick Kaullen C.O.S.S., EHSM Safety Risk Manager, Sherwood Mechanical Inc.

“Your seminar was a very good experience, it was well worth my time, and now I understand better my job as safety director, and keep on the energy to achieve our company goals in safety.”

– Jorge Dominguez, Facilities Director at La Jolla Country Club

“SMART implemented a safety program reducing our losses an estimated 94%.” With SMART on the job, I am able to sleep better at night knowing that my workers are going home safely.”

– Ted Baker, President of Baker Electric

“I can’t control my insurance rates, but with SMART I can control my losses. Our Experience Modification Rate went down 41 points and we know that it is going down again next year. SMART saved us more than $500,000 and cut our premium in half.”

– Mark Finch, President of Johnson Finch & McClure Inc.

“I have known and worked with Vince for over 15 years and can attest to his knowledge and experience in the construction industry; especially in the area of safety. Vince is a tireless and engaging instructor as well as a valuable asset in the field when sound safety decisions have to be made. He is also a proficient communicator who can interact with all levels of people from the newest grunt on the construction site to the President of the company that would employ that worker. I have gone to Vince over the years with many safety related questions and needs from training to equipment and he along with his staff have always come through for Dynalectric.”

– Paul H. Collier, Dynalectric Company

“I have worked with the Pacific Southwest Safety & Health Conference for the past several years and we have been fortunate to have Vince as a speaker for at least three of those years. I have arranged for those speakers and I review the critique sheets. He has been a frequent speaker because of his fabulous presentation skills, his knowledge of the material and the attendees saying “We want to hear this man again!” He has the ability to relate to his audience. He has also spoke for the local chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers. As a past president of that organization I have attended most of the presentations, and his was one of the best. His presentation was enthusiastically received by the membership. Vince also has great professional credentials and a wide variety of construction safety experience. I have also worked with him in that capacity and I can say I respect and trust his judgment. I would without hesitation recommend Vince Hundley to you.”

– Pete Higgins, MBA, CSP, City of San Diego Public Utilities

“Our story with Vince is one where not only our safety needs are met but a relationship for a lifetime was built. Minshew Bros Steel hired Vince and his company Smart Safety Group back in September of 2006, for a six month trial run. We were having way too many issues with our in-house safety program, when fortunately our neighbor introduced us to Vince. Right off the bat you could tell that Vince knows the ins and outs of construction safety. Even all the military EM385-1-1 standards.

But being an old school construction company (that we are), we were still reluctant to hire Vince. However, Vince basically dared us into a six month trial run, saying that at the end of six months, the money we saved by operating safer would far exceed his fee. Well it didn’t take six months, Vince proved it within three weeks.

In the months between when we signed the contract and when Smart Safety Group was to start; one of our employees was hurt pretty bad in a forklift accident. Vince and his team, still in the process of gathering information, not technically on the job yet, stepped in, handled the investigation, represented us before CalOSHA, and mitigated our penalties and fines down to almost nothing. A year’s worth of fees were saved in three weeks. We have been with them ever since or more precisely they have been a part of our company ever since.

When you get down to it, the numbers speak for themselves. Each year our modification rate has gone down and each year our OSHA 200 and 300 logs improve. Their handling and monitoring of our workers comp claims are so efficient that our insurance broker recommends Smart Safety Group to all of his construction clients. In fact our insurance carrier fights to keep our account because they know that we have Smart Safety Group and Vince on our side.

Literally when Vince and Company are on the job you do not have to worry about it anymore; they’ll take care of it. If an employee needs training, they’ll train them, if a GC needs a specific detailed AHA, they’ll get it to them, if the RIOCC tosses out some obscure safety rule that makes no sense, they’ll answer it. When it comes to safety they are on top of it. I can’t imagine someone that could do it better.”

– Brian T. Johnson, CFO / Controller, Minshew Brothers Steel Construction, Inc.

“We at R&R Construction realized that we had a need to outsource out safety program as it just was not being done on a regular basis in house. We contacted our insurance agent and he recommended Smart Safety Group. After meeting with Vince we decided to move forward and hire them as our safety consultants in early 2008. With Vince’s guidance we now have a safety program that is managed properly. Our superintendents have a source that they can go to for help with safety issues. I have the confidence knowing that our jobs are watched by professionals on a regular basis. I meet with Vince’s team once a month and get detailed reports about each job and the superintendents safety performance. Once a month our superintendents receive a safety talk and also receive tail-gate safety meetings for the up and coming month.

In my initial meeting with Vince I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Everything he told me he would do he has done and more. When we had a need to cut back on our site visits because of the economy, Vince worked with us to help make that work financially and still maintain the high standard of safety I have come to expect.”

– John R. Very, Vice President, R&R Construction, Co. Inc.

“We engaged Smart Safety about two years ago to be our safety program manager after becoming dissatisfied with Sam Iler’s group. Vince and his team came in and completely revamped our safety program, provided training and resources, and has become a critical part of our operation.

Vince’s leadership, his safety knowledge, and his approach to implementation have been invaluable to our business.

I would strongly recommend Vince for this important position in any organziation.”

– William Kittredge, Chief Operating Officer, Legacy Building Services, Inc.

“I am writing this letter of recommendation for Vince Hundley of Smart Safety Group because I believe he would be an excellent Safety Director for your company. My recommendation comes because Vince has already shown me he is a “CAN DO” person. I was in a jam and needed to train for a specific job, I waited too long and AGC’s classes were full. I made one phone call to Vince and he took the bull by the horns, designed and presented the class in a very short lead time. Did I mention that this class was ten hours, on a Saturday?

Vince has the experience of coaching contractors with OSHA citations and appeals. He is familiar with the way OSHA likes to play, and the way to convince them of his client’s innocence. Vince has been called on many occasions to provide expert testimony involving construction accidents, injuries and litigation.

Vince has a great personality, is easy to talk to, and a great listener. He holds the CSP certification adding to his great background and accreditations.

– Rick Kaullen, Safety Risk Manager, Sherwood Mechanical Inc.