Founded by Vince Hundley in 2003, SMART Safety Group provides onsite safety professionals and safety program management services to thousands of workers in various industries, including: construction, military, oil and gas, solar, utility, hospitals, schools, medical laboratories, manufacturing facilities and more. In addition to helping our customers send their workers home safely every day, we also assist in maintaining regulatory compliance, lowering insurance costs and reducing workers’ compensation claims. The bottom line is that we improve our client’s bottom line.

How SMART Safety Group Improves Business Performance:

  • Profitability – reduced costs and increased efficiency and productivity
  • Compliance – simplified regulatory reporting at all levels
  • Risk Management – improved risk identification, analysis and response
  • Corporate Governance – better accountability, transparency, and management
  • Culture – greater awareness of safety and health risks and how they impact the workforce and business performance
  • Reputation – fewer safety and health incidents that bring negative publicity and damage employee morale

Our Vision

To raise people’s consciousness to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of the people around them.

Our Mission

To protect the people, property and profits of our customers by providing expert guidance, training and leadership on all environmental health and safety issues.


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