Safety Auditing & Inspections

SMART Safety Group Auditing and Inspections

How do you identify hazardous conditions on your jobsite?

Regular inspections provide an opportunity to fix problems before injuries and incidents occur, protecting your people, your property and profits.

We are a third party resource, with an outside and unbiased view, that provides safety inspections in the construction and warehouse industries.

Our Safety System

We have found the best defense against injury and loss is having a complete understanding of the risks within your projects and your company. We have created an audit system that has been tested and proven successful on over 10,000 jobsites.

  1. We perform either planned or impromptu jobsite audits, depending on what is required by our clients. We initiate fixes at the jobsite for any problems that we find.
  2. We create detailed reports identifying potential OSHA violations, liability issues and risk exposures. Our safety professionals provide written feedback, using our detailed reporting system, that is is easily understood by our clients.
  3. Then we assist our clients with mitigating hazards before they cause damage to their company or injury to their employees.