April 18, 2022

National Safe Digging Month

‘Tis the season…to get outside and prepare your yard for warmer weather. Before you start digging, don’t forget to locate underground utilities. April is National Safe Digging Month and it’s a great reminder to “call before you dig.” No matter how small the project, digging without confirming the location of underground utilities is dangerous and could result in serious injury, death, service disruptions, and costly repairs to utility lines. In fact, many utilities are buried just a few inches below ground. It is quick and easy to have buried utilities marked with paint or flags so that you don’t unintentionally dig into an underground utility line.

All you have to do is “call before you dig.” A few days prior to digging, you can call 811 or go online to and request to have utility companies send out locators who will come to your dig site and mark the approximate location of buried utilities. These markers greatly reduce the chance of inadvertently digging into buried utility lines and help you protect yourself and your community.

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