September 9, 2013

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Safety Program

SMART Safety Group Outsourced SafetyFor years, companies have elected to outsource business functions that are otherwise too expensive, too complicated, or too time-consuming.  Just think of the most common business processes that companies outsource, like, manufacturing, information technology, and call centers.  It is no wonder, then, that companies choose to outsource a complex, time-consuming business process like Safety Management.


  1. Gain an independent third party partner
  2. Implement a proven Safety system
  3. Free up management time

Independent Third Party

check-markWhy is an independent third party crucial?  An independent third-party provides objective advice, transparency and expertise that are difficult to match internally.  Since SMART Safety Group focuses on only one thing – safety, we have our pulse on industry trends and regulations. As a result, companies are able to cut their costs while gaining invaluable expertise.

Too often, enforcement of safety policies or procedures can be uneven or unfair with an internal Safety Director – being either too soft on a work buddy, or too hard, coming across as a bully.  As an independent third-party, SMART Safety Group will never get ensnared in office politics or show favoritism.  Our feedback is always fair and unbiased.

Proven Safety System

SMART Safety Group Safety SystemSecond, SMART Safety Group has invested thousands of hours developing a SMART Safety System that is efficient, scalable and measurable.  The system is performed on a monthly basis like clockwork.  The consistent repetition of our Safety System creates a proactive safety culture, overtime, leading to less incidents and production loss.  This translates into lower operating costs, making your company more competitive.

Aggressive Claims Management

In addition to auditing, training and safety business meetings, SMART Safety Group handles Claims Management.  We have an aggressive claims management program, fighting fraud and keeping insurance rates low, allowing organizations to pass on these cost savings to their customers.  SMART Safety Group’s team is available 24/7 by phone and typically on-site within an hour of an incident occurring, to perform accident investigation, triage and damage control.

“We hired SMART Safety Group back in 2006 for a 6-month trial run.  We were having too many issues with our in-house safety program.  A year’s worth of fees were saved in the first three weeks when one of our employees was injured.  They handled the accident investigation, OSHA representation and claim, mitigating the penalties and costs down to almost nothing.  They have been a part of our company ever since.”
Brian T. Johnson, CFO/Controller,
   Minshew Brothers Steel Construction, Inc.

Insurance Procurement

Workers’ Compensation (WC) Insurance is the 3rd highest cost on many company’s P&L.  Lowering this cost, therefore, can make a huge impact on the bottom line. By linking Insurance, Safety and Claims Management, we are able to deliver bottom line results.

Buying WC Insurance is like buying life insurance.  The insurance carrier checks boxes for items, such as, how many times a week you exercise, your tobacco use and your general health, to determine your rates.  We help market your safety program to your WC Insurance carrier, enhancing your appeal, in order get you the lowest rate and earn you scheduled credits.

Competitive Advantage

competitive-advantageLast, in today’s competitive environment, organizations with a strong safety program and safety culture establish a competitive advantage.

Companies with a good reputation in their industry can attract the best workers, reduce operating costs, making them more competitive when looking for new or maintaining existing business. Also, by outsourcing safety, it frees up management time so they can focus on their core business.  They can focus more on production and quality, knowing that they have a world-class safety program in place.

SMART Assessment

If you need help, contact us for a SMART Assessment.  The SMART Assessment is designed to provide critical 3rd party feedback on your safety program.  Our recommendations are designed to help you turn your safety program into a Profit Center instead of a Liability.  Contact Us if you are interested.

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